Walker Tracker does not directly provide prizes or awards for your program but we have preferred vendors and suggestions for you.

Awarding members for their participation greatly increases the participation in your program! To prevent cheating and lower frustrations, keep prizes small but desirable. We do not suggest large cash or high priced items for prizes.

For incentive criteria suggestions click here.

We understand that budgets vary so we have suggested for every price range! Check them out below:


Provide healthy snacks in your office with http://www.snacknation.com/.

Gift Cards

Award members with a gift card to a healthy business from Tremendous. Learn more about their options here. Submit a ticket in your Admin Help tab and we would be happy to introduce you to a contact with the company if you're interested.


This Hawk Incentives PDF shows a plethora of options that you can award to your members and will partner with you to help provide them to your company!


Get a great price on wireless devices with iRedeemHealth. They make excellent prizes! For general orders, click here. If you'd like to place a bulk order or setup vouchers, click here.

Little not no budget? No problem!

  • Award winners with a Certificate of Achievement and praise them in an organization-wide blast! We have templates available for you to use and customize here.
  • Award winners with a trip to coffee or tea with their lead/manager or CEO. Whichever you think would feel the most rewarding to your participants.
  • Winners receive extra vacation hours or a day off.
  • A hand-written congratulations by members of the executive team and/or HR team. This makes a person feel really valued and special!